Jimmy Cusano

Welcome to Your Chamber Connection, Your Membership Partner!

We offer a unique and effective approach to improving Membership, Volunteerism and the Bottom Line.

It's all about thinking outside of the Box!

Volunteers and Chambers alike HATE Membership Drives. That's why Your Chamber Connection conducts fast paced, high energy, extremely competitive Membership "Events." We educate your staff, Board of Directors and Volunteers on what a Chamber of Commerce is, what its role is in your community and how everyone fits into that puzzle. We can tell your Chamber’s story unlike any other! As our Enter”trainer” Jimmy Cusano always says, “There’s nothing wrong with having fun and creating commerce at the same time!”

Your Volunteers walk away at the end of the program begging, "Let's do it, again!"

Program Speaker

Our Entertrainer, Jimmy Cusano, can jazz up any Chamber Banquet or other Chamber-related functions with his unique style and charm. Most importantly...

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Our Charter

Philosophy, Mission and Vision, these are the three components that form the core of our organization and our approach to your Chamber as your Membership Partner.

  • Philosophy - To be a good membership partner that educates your volunteers, works hand in hand with your staff providing understandable Event information and documentation, and produces viable volunteer participation information.
  • Mission - We help Chambers of Commerce raise immediate revenue through increased membership and to raise membership participation without adding to the workload and worry-load of staff, volunteers or board members.
  • Vision - To energize and educate existing Chamber members while recruiting new members through an enthusiastic and entertaining membership development program.

Leadership Development

Every community is blessed with outstanding leaders. However, maintaining high quality leadership is a constant challenge. Build a Leadership Program that...

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Building a Tiered Membership

Are your Membership benefits a "one size fits all"? Tiered membership allows your members to select the level benefits that best meets their needs of your members...

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Sponsorship Development

Sponsors today are looking for business, not branding. They want customers. YCC will teach you to determine your product and not ask for money until you know...

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