Boots and Don Mills - Greenville-Pitt Co., NC

Well coordinated event - Great Motivational / Teamwork approach to enlisting new Chamber Members while simultaneously reiterating the many attributes of being a Chamber Member to Team Captains / Team Members. (We had -Jimmy C. Withdrawals- on the weekend after spending 3 days and 5 sessions with him ). Local Chamber results somewhat impacted by weather and Team Member(s) attendance, however overall a worthy and fun event enlisting 193 New Chamber Members.

Boots and Don Mills
Volunteers Extraordinaire
Greenville-Pitt Co., NC Chamber of Commerce

Dana Macalik - Rockwall Area Chamber

“We needed help with our membership numbers. A chamber our size and in a community such as ours needed a boost. I turned to YCC and don’t have any regrets. Your Chamber Connection’s marketing/business model provided a solution to help us with this objective. From the introductory meeting with Lorraine to follow-up and specific training meetings with Ellie and Jimmy; summarizing the program and what we could expect in terms of increased membership, revenue and future retention efforts the program “in a box” was simple, fun and easy to execute. And I emphasize the word FUN!

What we appreciated most about working with the YCC team was their ability to keep our focus where it needed to be and deliver the expected results and then some. Thank you for being a true example of knowing what customer service is and making the experience pleasurable for all concerned!   I recommend Your Chamber Connection without reservation.”

Dana Macalik
Rockwall, Texas

Anita Huberman - Surrey, BC

Your Chamber Connection worked with the Surrey Board of Trade, the first Canadian organization, to grow our membership - and it was amazing. Our membership over the 3 day event grew by 145 new members. The event surpassed our expectations as it not only helped to grow our membership and our revenue base, but created buzz in our city about the Surrey Board of Trade. The Surrey Board of Trade was very pleased with Your Chamber Connection and their model of membership growth and membership value. We will be having another Membership Event with Your Chamber Connection because I believe in this events ability to keep the Surrey Board of Trade top of mind in our business community.

Anita Huberman
President & CEO
Surrey, BC, Board of Trade

Alisha Blain - Thurston County Chamber

“Working with Your Chamber Connection is a blessing.  Yes, the numbers are great – we are so excited to be able to expand our membership base and  increase our bottom line of membership dollars.  But it is so much more than that.  The Membership Event gave our staff something to collaborate and genuinely work together on to make great things happen – every department is involved.  It is a positive team builder within itself & that is gold for any Chamber, we don’t get many opportunities of a similar caliber.  And the education!  It doesn’t matter how long a staff member has been at the Chamber, we always learn something new from the membership event.  Each staff member of Your Chamber Connection is great to work with & I can’t wait to hire them again!”

Alisha Blain
Events Coordiantor
Olympia, WA

John Goode - Bloomington, IN

Thank you YCC for helping Bloomington grow to a WORLD CLASS CHAMBER.  As a business owner who serves on several boards, I'm often asked for money and to raise money for worthy causes. When I was asked to put together a team I did so but with some apprehension.  After bringing my captains to the first lunch and meeting Jimmy, we all wondered what we got ourselves into. After attending the first session I was more committed to our chamber and its mission then I have ever been before. Jimmy gave the most eloquent description of the mission of Chambers of Commerce’s that I've ever heard. After listening to Jimmy I was more determined than ever to grow our chamber. Since I am asked for money constantly there's nothing I hate more than asking people and companies for money. Your organization gave us a value to share with other businesses that motivated me to help them. Heck I bought memberships myself for companies I work with to make sure they were able to benefit from our chamber.  Thank you, Thank you, thank you for helping our chamber grow so quickly to become the best in the state and world class.

John Goode
Bloomington, IN